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 Maryland Heights 

When Maryland Heights wanted to create a welcoming gateway to their city they chose a three-piece retaining wall system with a unique layout around the new bridge construction.  Rosch designed and installed the walls to meet the stringent requirements and utilized precast lettering built into the wall.  The final result is an attractive retaining wall system that will be a landmark for the City of Maryland Heights.


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 Lake St. Louis Blvd. MSE Wall


Two MSE panel walls, that were over 50’ in height, were constructed to build a bridge over an existing rail line.  The rail line introduced site specific safety requirements that made project management of the construction operations a key component of every work decision.  Meeting the safety requirements of the project and the time constraints, Rosch built 2 outstanding retaining walls for this site.


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Tuscany Elementary


The new elementary school in San Antonio, TX needed retaining walls greater than 20’ tall and walls were needed on all sides of the site to get the property to be functional.  Rosch constructed over 50,000 SF of modular block retaining walls.  Unique construction ideas presented by Rosch minimized rock excavation in a tall cut wall.  The bedrock was excavated and crushed to create a material usable for retaining wall backfill.

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Chesterfield Government Center 


The City of Chesterfield decided to construct their new city hall complex at a location that had a large valley through the edge of the site.  Rosch constructed a +50’ tall vegetated slope system to meet the project requirements.  The construction of the wall was followed by planting the facing.  After 3 years the face was completely covered with vegetation and after 10 years the project looks like a natural slope.


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Southwest Bank (Now called M&I)

Southwest Bank required a very tall wall to make the site work for their new headquarters.  They also wanted a tiered wall that was attractive and was well landscaped.  By using the modular block wall units Rosch met the construction logistic challenges of the site to create a solution that met the budget constraints and appearance requirements of the owner.





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Metrolink St. Louis

Rosch Company used modular block walls for dozens of the grade separation structures along the Metrolink light rail system throughout Metro St. Louis.  Well over 100,000 SF of retaining walls were constructed, some over 30’ tall, in many types of applications including bridge approaches, detention basins, and vertical walls near existing buildings.  Rosch worked closely with the different general contractors to meet the schedule, safety, and quality requirements of the project.

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Swingley Ridge

This +30’ tall retaining wall structure supports the parking lot of an office building.  The geotechnical engineer required a large rock keyway to insure global stability of the site due to questionable foundation soils.  After the keyway was constructed the wall was built vertical to its full height.  Compaction of the large backfill mass was key to the long term performance of the parking lot above the wall.  Over 10 years later the wall and parking lot are performing as designed.





Shop and Save

This project has the only modular block wall in St. Louis Metro area that is +50’ tall.  The specifications required that the wall have no movement over time so construction techniques and compaction of the fill were critical to meeting the project requirements.  The wall was constructed and survey markers placed on the face of the wall to monitor movements.  The wall is routinely checked and to date is a testament to quality design and construction of Rosch Company's modular block walls.





The Page-Olive Connector

St. Louis County needed a new road to connect Olive Blvd to the Maryland Heights Expressway and Page Avenue.  Rosch Company was awarded the design-build contract for 80,000 SF of slope and MSE walls.  This project site included river bottom ground and unstable foundations which required the MSE walls to be designed and built in three phases to accomodate the projected settlement.  Rosch Company met the expectations of St. Louis County and MODOT, and the project was a complete success.


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Maryville Gander Hall

Rosch Company was contracted to provide, pavers, retaining walls, granite benches, landscaping, and irrigation on this project.  This is a great example of the wide variety of services Rosch offers our clients.  


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Salt River Bridge

Rosch Company was awarded the Salt River Bridge design-build MSE wall project which featured two U-shaped bridge abutment walls totaling 18,000 SF.  Due to the geometry and coordination with proposed storm sewer and bridge elements, the site access was a key point that required careful planning.  Rosch Company successfully delivered these two beautiful walls on time with no problems.